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Posted on 1/07/2010 by Gatorman

Jimmy Warren Blues Rocker

(Chicago, Illinois)

I read about Jimmy Warren in my local newspaper.  I called him and introduced myself. We share a common interest in music particularly “The Blues”.  Jimmy is not a just a blues artist, but rather a blues based rocker. He has a style that is very much his own.  I am fortunate that a man of his character and musical talent calls me his friend. So I asked him for an interview and here it is.  

When did you start playing guitar?   
I got a guitar as a child but never really played.  I was in my mid 20’s  when I really got into it.

Does anyone else in your family play Music? 
I was the first in my family to show an interest in music.  But since then my 15 yr old son has become an extremely good player.   Other than us…no one else

If it wasn’t music where would you be? 
I’d hate to think about that, probably my own lawn care business.(LOL)

You grew up in Bradley, Illinois. What was that like? 
It was cool.  I had some great friends and we all shared a common love and interest in music.  We would spend allot of time going to concerts and listening to bands.  Bradley was ok.  I did spend some time living in the Outer Banks of N.C.  that was very cool. 

Where do you call home now? 
Beecher, Illinois

What was your very first paying musical gig? When where?
To be honest, I can’t remember.  I think it was the old Sam & Ella’s Club on the Kankakee River, Illinois back in the late 80’s

How old were you when you first started playing? 
Mid 20’s

How did you come about your first Guitar? What kind was it? How about the first amplifier?
My first guitar was a Cort Les Paul Copy.  Actually it was a great guitar.  My First amplifier was a Gibson 30 watt.  I was in H.S. when I got them.  I always like the idea of being Eddie Van Halen (lol) but I never had the patience to take the time to learn to play.  I was like allot of kids and hacked at it a bit and learned a few chords and cheesy tunes, but never came close to learning as I later did in life.

Can you tell me what your current stage set-up is?
It’s changed over the years as I’ve become a better player.  Typically I will use 2- Tech 21 60 watt power engines & 1 Hayes 212 TubeMaster.  I use a wide variety of effects to create and generate my tones such as:  Fulltone Deja Vibe, Gig FX Mega Wah, BBE Sonic, Line 6 Live XLT POD, Vox Satchurator, ISP noise reduction, Fulltone Fat Boost, Digitech Whammy etc… 

I understand that you played with a lot of different artist’s. Can you share some of them with our readers?  Would it be fair to name your favorite?      
I’ve been blessed to have met and performed with some great artists, some regionally known and some nationally.   They have been people like, Buddy Miles, Jr Wells, Sugar Blue, Buddy Scott, Chaka Kahn, Little Mack Simmons, Nate Turner, Shirley King, Pine Top Perkins and Lefty Dizz (to name a few).  Chicago Bluesman Buddy Scott was truly my favorite and most inspirational.  Not from a musical standpoint, but from a personal stand point.  He was a truly great guy and treated people with respect, unlike some other artists and musicians.  It was truly an honor to have met and shared the stage with Buddy Miles & Sugar Blue.  Miles is a true legend and Blue is the best harp player in the world (in my opinion).

Who are you listening to currently? 
I’m all over the map.  The truth is although I love the blues, I love the guitar more.  So I tend to listen to great guitarist regardless of the genre.  I recently have been spending time viewing the Joe Bonamassa live at the Royal Albert Hall.  He’s a great player and I love the fact that he isn’t contained to one style or mode.  The tune “Bridge to Better Days” is one of my favorites for sure. Django Reinhart  is another guitarist  that was a genius.  Structuring a song from a Violin part from a Django tune is extremely creative.
I listen to allot of Joe Satriani.  In my opinion Satriani is the king at structuring the perfect guitar center songs.  His ability to create and develop tones that are killer and his hooks that stick with you draw me in every time. 
Other artists that I listen to are;  Robben Ford, Jeff Golub, Norman Brown, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya, Eric Johnson and John Mayer. 

Is it correct that you just started a brand new record label called “Electro Glide Records”? 
Yeah !   One thing I have earned over the years is that no one cares more for my career than me.  You get tired of hearing stuff like “Your music is great but we can’t take any one else.”  Then you check out their rosters and wonder how half of them got signed to begin with.  I don’t like to think that way. I like to be respectful of other players and artists.  So I just decided that with all I’ve accomplished over this past year it was in my best interest to self release.  Not only that, but I’m hoping to be able to help others like me.

What are the future plans for that label?
My plans are to help other artists like me.  There are tons of great bands and artists out there that get nowhere and need someone to care about their careers as much as they do. My goal is to be that type of label. In 2010 I have plans to release 5 projects which one will be my own CD “No More Promise.”  In June I will release a compilation CD titled “Ultimate Blues Vol. 1” and in August I will release a CD from the Catch Blues Band a popular band in the Ohio Valley.

Are you currently looking to sign some new artists? If so how can they get in contact with you?
I am looking.  I have a couple I have been speaking with but I want to always remain open to what may be out there.  People can contact us through our website at

Your new CD is called “No More Promises”.  Where can our readers purchase it?
No More Promises will release worldwide on March 1st.  It can be only preordered through my band website ( at a discount now, but come March 1st it will be available everywhere.  People can also join our mailing list at the website to be kept in the loop. They’ll learn first what’s going on with the release.

How do you approach writing songs?
For the most part I write songs around a drum track or beat. My home studio helps when it comes to this.  I create a drum track and build on to that piece by piece.  I have a game I play with my youngest. She’ll give me something to sing about and I will make up a song for her.  For instance, there is a track on the new CD ”No More Promises” titled “Watermelon Money”.  Awhile back she checked out a book from the library.  It was a Bernstien Bears book called “Missing Watermelon Money.”   She asked me to write a song about that title.  I did and it turned out pretty coo. So it ended up on my CD “No More Promises”

Do you start with lyrics or music?
I always start with music.  Although “No More Promises” has some good songs lyrically, music is my focus.

What would be your ultimate venue to play?
Kodak Theater, although I’d be satisfied if I could do a show at the Perideso with Walter Trout.

What do you for see in the near future?
It’s so hard to say.  I just see myself working hard to be the best I can at what I do.  I know that sounds cheesy.  However my goal is to continue to push my musical career while building a new label around it.  Hopefully someday the label as well as the band will be a well respected and important part of the music business.

Do you have any top secret things you’d like to share?
Sure….the values of days gone by, is the secret to true long lasting success in the days of now.  What I mean is this.   There use to be a time when people were valued and important.  Those days are gone. Now time, schedules, money and self take priority.

My top secret is….treat people like their important.  Make time for them.  Go out of your way for them.  Let them know they are valued.  Regardless how much money you ever make, if you live your life like this, your success is massive and beyond measure, and worth far more than any amount of money. 

Copyright Terrance B. Lape
AKA "Gatorman"

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