USA: How Blue Are We August? by Monica Yasher

Posted on 8/29/2009 by Monica Yasher

Hi Everyone.

We know that the dog days of summer are anything but that, and you have probably been busy! So, just in case you missed a day or two, let me give you some highlights of the month:

Mr. Nelson Onofre shared some great pictures of Chris Thomas King, Michael Hill, Bill 'Howl-n-Madd' Perry, Fiona Boyes, and a few of the very talented Ruthie Foster.

Nelson also offered a pictural of Leon Russell with a raving review. And, J. Blake offered his take on the concert with a different opinion. Just goes to show you that American Blues Blog is just trying to keep it real. Today I will be meeting with Chris Simmons, Leon's guitarist. Leon's latest blues recording was a song he collaborated on with his guitarist, Chris Simmons. Chris and Leon co-wrote, "Easy To Love", and they both sing on it. This song is on Chris' new CD that just came out, "Old News To Me". I can't wait to see the show tonight and speak with Chris.

We also had some great interviews starting with G. E. Smith, whom I truly enjoyed talking to. American Blues Blog was and is happy to introduce our newest contributor, Jerry Rosen. Jerry started his writing off with a stellar interview of Bob Margolin. Welcome to American Blues Blog, Jerry! J. Blake had a really cool time chatting with Robben Ford. And, we at American Blues Blog are always here to help get the word out on our up and coming artists. I had the chance to meet with Gina Sicilia. Take a read on what this very young bluesy woman has to say!

And, we had tributes for those that passed, and a tribute welcoming back a true blues treasure, Peter Green, which was written by J. Blake. The blues community is saddened by several passings. J. Blake offered his goodbyes to one of the greatest guitar players, Les Paul. From Memphis, courtesy of Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms, a tribute was made to Billy Lee Riley. He also wrote of his friend, James Luther Dickerson.

The blues lives on. And, it was the month of festivals. Terrance "Gatorman" Lape gave lively details of Chicago Mini Blues Fests and Laporte Blues Fest with Kelly Richie. He also shared a fun filled night watching Laurie Morvan, apparantly blessed from above! Go read what I'm talkin' about! And, I offered my experiences at two festivals, The Pittsburgh Blues Festival and the Heritage Blues Festival. Our memphis performer was touring the globe and offered his take as a performer at the Cincinatti Blues Festival. We also had our first guest blogger, Jacob Hyman. Jacob offered a review of an upcoming group called, The Great Republic of Rough and Ready. Thanks Jacob! If anyone wants to be a guest blogger, please write to us at: We'd love to hear your proposal!

For those songwriters out there, Gatorman offered some wisdom in regard to songwriting. We also had a lesson on songs and the interpretation of a song, with thoughts being delivered from J. Blake, with his writing of One Bourbon, One Scotch or is it House Rent Boogie? You decide.

So you want to take the stage for the first time? Take a read on blues jam protocol which was a joint writing effort from Gatorman and Nighthawk.

After you write the songs and you think you can perform, what's next? Why obtaining a blues label, of course! Jerry Rosen shares some of his ups and downs with this venture. Go take a read.

We are working hard for you and we are even busier next month!
Mr. Onofre has yet to reveal the photos: Harlem Blues Project, Gina Sicilia, Lucky Peterson, Walter Trout, Robben Ford, John Nemeth, John Lee Hooker Jr., and Guitar Shorty. He also attended the Blues BBQ show and can't wait to talk about that! I mean show you! A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

And, we know that all of you like interviews! So look for these artists to share some things with you through our words!

Watermelon Slim (pictured right)
Lonnie Brooks and Sons
Shannon Curfman
Chris Smither writer of Love Me Like A Man
Candye Kane
Fiona Boyes
Sid Selvidge
Joe Whitmer talking about the IBC and Blues Awards
Miss Zeno, who appears every day on Beale Street and will be touring with Koko Taylor's old band
The folks at I-55 Productions

And, concert reviews are always cool. I'll share my experience watching Derek Trucks. Nighthawk will be flying around the world and will offer his thoughts of the blues festivals in KenLake, Kentucky, and the Greater Ozarks Blues Festival in Springfield, MO.

Whew! And that ain't all. Bookmark this page and "Get the Blues Everyday!" OK?

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