Shari Puorto ....Experience

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Shari Puorto ....Experience
story and photos
By: Casey Reagan
For: American Blues News
All Rights Reserved 2010

My ears are still ringing from the show last night. Johnny Winter continues to hold his place on my 'Bad Ass Guitar Players' list after treating us to a scorching set of some of my all time favorite jams. Johnny Winter is a living legend and there's nothing I can say about him that hasn't already been said so I'm not even going to try.
Instead I'm going to tell you about someone else, Her name is Shari Puorto and she was on the bill with Johnny last night and she ROCKED the house!
You've heard me talk about Shari before in a different article [link to bb article] but today I'll focus my attention directly on this rockin' little lady and give everyone a bit of insight about Shari Puorto the solo artist.

Shari was born in Southern California but grew up on the East Coast (Connecticut) where most of her early influences were developed and nurtured. She still remembers fondly her time back east and kindles long time friendships and memories from her days there while now residing back here in So Cal.

Influenced by a wide variety of performers from as many different genere's, Sharis strong vocal delivery reflects many of those styles while still being as one of a kind and unique as they come. I left my comparison chart in my other suit so this time there will be no 'she sounds like' or 'has the style of' or any other comparisons to other artists.
If you'd like to hear her sing and draw your own comparisons, feel free:

There is no shame in being or sounding like Shari Puorto evidenced by the company she keeps on stage, she is a world class vocalist with a voice like no other and as far as I'm concerned, other artists should be compared to her, not the other way around.

Before her set Shari told me:
"Just being on the bill with Johnny is a real honor" then went on to say, "This crowd is in for a real treat".
The latter being quite a prophetic statement ... from her opening number, 'Hound Dog' thru to the end of her set Shari got everyone to stand up and take notice (Not to mention all the dancing goin' on) at how she's been refining her style and all of us were impressed. Never being short on charisma or style, Shari always has a way of bringing an audience closer to the music she sings. Most people I talk to say she sings from the heart and with passion. I have to agree but I call it soul.

I'm not exactly sure how she does it or if there's a formula she uses to convey that feeling but it was palpable this night. The room was energized and Shari was right on the money with a fantastic selection of songs and a performance that would make her mom proud and, in my case, it will carry me through to the next gig.
She played songs from her last cd,

...and some new stuff too. I dig all of it but must say the new material really hits a chord with me. I haven't bought the new disc (titled) 'Real' yet (unreleased as of this date){see cover below) but you can bet I will as soon as it hits the stores.

Songs like 'Pack Your Bags' bring SP's sound to a new level, she sings the blues like she means it and that is no small task for anyone. In this business being a female blues singer means you need to have an original sound. Take Aretha Frankin for instance, a lot of female singers can sing her songs but NOBODY sings R-E-S-P-E-C-T like Aretha does. Likewise Shari Puorto, I haven't found this much soul in a white chick since ... well...ever.

I'm starting to see Shari and her band popping up at festivals and bigger venues like this, performing with top name artists all over the southland like at this years Irvine Lake Blues Festival where Shari shared the stage with Tommy Castro, Rod Piazza and The 44's to name three.

I honestly wish I had videotaped last nights performance for Shari because it was truly a night to remember. If Shari continues to hone her craft and fine tune her performances like she did here you all won't need to read about her from me, she'll be everywhere.
I feel slightly remiss for excluding information about Shari's band, they've certainly earned my highest praise, every one delivering exactly what we (the audience) went to see.

I'll be Interviewing Shari and her band in an upcoming article and I promise I'll introduce you then. Until then, take 'er easy! I'm not for sure but I could almost swear I saw Shari and Johnny leaving together after the show in this... rock! Thanx for the ride!

Shari Puorto...Experience.
story and photos
By: Casey Reagan
For: American Blues News
All Rights Reserved 2010

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