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Posted on 5/20/2010 by Chefjimi

As a chef I know lots of fancy French terms for food and such, but one of my all time favorites is Amuse-Bouche. It means happy mouth, or mouth pleaser, it is usually reserved for that small offering a chef will send to your table as you are settling in before the meal. It is a way of tantalizing and exciting you while holding forth promises of even more joy and pleasure that will be coming your way.
I have chosen this title for my premier article for American Blues because of those implications and a promise of more exciting stuff that will be coming to you via my musings.


With the Blues Music awards recently behind us, I would like to offer you, dear readers, some Amuse Bouches from there. The pre-party, awards, bars, street scene, breakfast just about everything that went on while I enjoyed myself almost too much. They are not in any order of import or impact, just random morsels so please enjoy them, with my compliments.

….and the winner is Tommy Castro (repeat as needed, up to 4 times).

Bonnie Raitts' obvious love and respect for Buddy Guy as she presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Buddy Guy's ear to ear smile, one of the sweetest sights on this earth.

Meeting Sirius/XM 74 Bluesville's 'voice of god', Big Llou Johnson. He is as sweet as he is big, and that's sayin' sumthin'.

Award winning piano player, David Maxwell showing why he is one of the most sought after guys in the business; tireless, professional and always up for a jam. Seen playing with Louisiana Red at the Awards (and winning Acoustic Album Of the Year w/Red), Rum Boogie, and almost everywhere else there was a keyboard.

The Blues Foundations touching tribute to those who have passed on last year, sad to see them go but uplifted when we saw Koko Taylor on the screen as she smiles down on us all. While we are here, Koko's daughter, Cookie presenting the inaugural Koko Taylor Award to Ms. Debbie Davies.

An amazingly strong representation of peacocks parading around the Convention Center on Awards night. The ladies might need to step it up a notch next year cos' the men were bringing it sartorially speaking. Oh yeh, as it turned out this years color was blue. Next year it will be green, so start shopping now!

The happy loving young couple of the Blues, Dave Gross & Gina Sicilia arm in arm. Brings joy to us all.

The United Nation of the Blues, players and fans from all over the world. Australia, Norway, Germany, England, Latvia, Canada, America, and more. The Blues is universal and makes it one world we can all share.

Fiona Boyes' tribute to Memphis Minnie at the Center for Southern Folklore.

Just tearing up the Rum Boogie Cafe, Wednesday night. Sean Carney & Jonn Richardson. Followed by Billy Gibson, Nick Moss and Flip Tops, J.W. Jones, and a very special tribute to the real heroes, the working people, by Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges.

Big Ass Beers and Walk 'Em Downs, on Beale Street. Y'all know what I'm talking about, if not, be there next year.

Jason Ricci, skipping tra-la, tra-lee, to the stage to accept his well-deserved harp Player of the Year Award, and his acceptance speech which included the phrase 'girly-boy'.

Delta Highway playing on Beale Street, and capping the set off with a harmonica blowout that was way too good. Featuring Brandon Santini of Delta Highway, Billy Gibson (former Harp player of year), Dustin Arbuckle (Moreland & Arbuckle), Vince Johnson, and young harp slinger and local talent Damon Young (D – make sure you always have business cards).

While on harps, Billy Branch just nailed a version of 'Hoodoo Man Blues'.

Eden Brent adding a new XM 74 Bluesville Top Ten Blues commandment, 'thou shall not covet the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year Award.' She was gracious and thanked Pinetop and her mentor Boogaloo Ames.

Chatting with Brad Vickers about the history of the Blues, he needs to get this down on paper (hint). Look for his new release very soon.

Seeing the support, love and encouragement for all the artists everywhere by everyone. Karen Lovely, awarded the Blues cheerleader title, as she and a whole cast of next generation Blues artists waiting to break out were everywhere were sighted everywhere rooting fellow artists on.

Gus' Fried Chicken with fried pickles, damn dat's good, that's Greg Nagy (Best New Artist Nominee testifying).

Super Chikan and the Fighting Cocks, tearing up the stage after winning the award for Traditional Blues Album, for Chikadelic. Yes good friends, a real live Juke Joint broke out on the Convention Center floor.

The Awarding of a Memphis Brass Note to Gus Cannon in front of the historic Daisy Theater, wherein family members broke into an impromptu chorus of 'Walk Right In, Sit Right Down'. It was great to be there and see the love and appreciation from the family for this honor.

The beautiful person, Mr. Hubert Sumlin sharing breakfast with young blues musicians at Blue Plate Cafe, and can I get an 'amen' for those biscuits n'n gravy !

The ribs, atmosphere, and service at The Majestic Grille on S. Main Street. Plus the amazing array of Haiku on the tablecloth provided by some outstanding guests.

Washboard Jo and Jason Ricci a.k.a. The Sex Kittens.

What may be the last appearance of Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women onstage, thank you ladies for all the great music.

Pat Pepin unleashing 'Mr. Johnson' (her saxophone) on the Beale Street and knockin' 'em dead.

Monkey Junk winning New Artist of the year, and bringing the house down as final act, oh Can-a-da !

Conversation snippets:
"...don't you know who I used to be?"
"'re just so freakin' good"
"...well the break came and no one ran with it, so I did, was there a problem?"

"...I'm here with my wife, no, that's not her, she's a friend"

That's it, kitchen closed. If I can borrow a line from Polly's on Beale Street,

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease

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