Atlanta to Tallahassee by Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms

Posted on 7/26/2010 by Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms

(Memphis, Tennessee) We depart the home of the Blues heading to Atlanta via Nashville where we stopped to do a little business on Thursday. Drummer and fellow road dog Doug McMinn and I made it to Atlanta late Thursday night for a quick late night meal and arose to load in at Blind Willie's on Friday.

Blind Willie's, Atlanta, Georgia

Blind Willie's is a great location for Blues, Jazz and Roots music and owner Eric King always has a full house of music fans.

Blues fans pile into Blind Willie's

Reba Russell and Eric King

After a tasty meal at the club we launched onstage. Last year about this time we played a truly enjoyable wedding reception here at the club for our newlywed friends, Ginger and Louis, who were here at the club to join us for this evening's celebration.

STAX songwriter and recording artist William Bell with our friends Louis and Ginger

Also in the club was the legendary William Bell, songwriter and STAX recording artist. William is a wonderful musician and a genuinely friendly, dignified gentleman who was kind enough to hang out with us all night long and allow me to shoot a few pictures of him. We were really honored that he came out for the Reba Russell Band's return to Blind Willie's.

In 1961, William Bell wrote the the hit, "You Don't Miss Your Water" while playing in New York with Memphis jazz piano genius Phineas Newborn. It is a moving, beautiful song written about being homesick for his home and friends.

Josh Roberts and William Bell

Later while collaborating with Booker T. Jones, Bell wrote "Born Under a Bad Sign" which was recorded by Albert King and released by STAX in 1967 on King's first STAX LP which was named after this title song. It is one of King's landmark blues recordings. The tune was later recorded by Eric Clapton with the band, Cream, and many others down through the years. In 1997 Bell was inducted in to the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame. The same year he received the Rythm & Blues Pioneer Award. He has recorded 15 albums.

We played 3 sets and the crowd could not have been kinder and more receptive. The next morning we headed south to Tallahassee, Florida, to play the Bradfordville Blues Club.

"Party down" area behind the Bradfordville Blues Club, a legit juke joint down a dirt road
The fire from the previous evening is still smoldering in the background.

Time to load in the gear

Alberta Hunter, Clarence Carter, Little Milton

Gary Anton, owner of the club was on hand to greet us, help us load in and set up the sound. The walls and tables are adorned with painted likenesses of many blues artists who have previously played the Bradfordville Blues Club.

The sign reads, "Requests $1.00 Mustang Sally $10.00"
there's painting s of my friends Hubert Sumlin and James Cotton

The stage before the load in

The club has an excellent PA system and is frequented by a regular cadre of blues aficionados, some of whom even have their own chairs awaiting them at the bar...too cool.

Reba Russell and club owner Gary Anton

Monolithic, beautiful tree outside the club...dig the Spanish moss

Gary escorted us down to the band house, which is located near the club. It is a very comfortable house replete with more blues artwork...very comfortable digs, a comfy pad with a kitchen with a full pantry of groceries. Thanks Gary and BBC.

Fireplace in the band house

Josh Roberts and Wayne Russell watch tv in the band house

More art inside the band house, renditions of Little Walter and Lightnin' Hopkins

Art adorns the hallway

Doug McMinn operates the official American Blues News computer after Josh cooks some eggs and heads for the couch.

Spanish moss in the light of the full moon

The club glows magically in the moonlight

Fans begin to arrive at the club for a night of Blues

paintings of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Bobby Rush are signed by the musicians

Tabletops feature paintings, table 32, Diamond Teeth Mary

Table 7, Kenny Neal

Doug McMinn prepares for a drum assault

Little Ed

Johnny Winter

Inside the front door

Clarence Carter, Little Milton Campbell

Eddie Kirkland and Percy Sledge

Elwood points the way in

Josh Roberts leans back into a ripping solo

Charlie Musselwhite

The Reba Russell Band

Our gig was simulcast on streaming internet radio and I began to receive messages from my friends who had tuned in at about 1:30 AM. The internet is a marvel.

Wayne and Josh play in the shadow of the image of my friend, Pat Ramsey, who died in 2008. Pat and I used to hang out a lot on Beale Street back at the old Black Diamond after I finished my gig there and he finished his gig across the street at what was Doe's Place, now known as Blues City Cafe. He was a fine harp player who played with Johnny Winter. He was a good friend.

Above, my friend, bandleader and confidante, Reba Russell. Probably the best day of my life was the day I joined her band 20 years ago. It's just gotten better with time.

After the gig. Gary hooked us up with enormous plates of catfish and mullet, perfectly cooked and festooned with hot sauce. It was absolutely delicious. The end of a truly wonderful day.

Doug McMinn and the author prepare for the ride back to Memphis.


©Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms, 2010

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