April 2010 How Blue Are We? by Monica Yasher

Posted on 4/28/2010 by Monica Yasher

April Showers brings more than just May flowers.  They bring us the Blues!  And, we went to so many places this month to bring the best of the Blues to you.  Let's start with our own.  Nighthawk, went on a mini tour of the state of Florida.  He stopped in to see our friends at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival and at the festival in Jackson, Florida.  

American Blues News then explored Augusta, GA.  We found out that more than the Masters Golf tournament resided there.  It was the home of James Brown, and there was a lot of cool stuff to do!  American Blues News then traveled with our newest writer, Robin Murray, to the best free Blues festival there is, The New Orleans French Quarter Festival.  Robin will be sharing a lot more of this city in the months to come! 

All of this water, Tampa, Jackson, New Orleans!  Poor Jim Stick is in the mountaineous state of Colorado.  So, what is a man to do?  They seem to be very creative in the state of Colorado, as they brought a Shipless Blues Cruise with Bob Margolin and Jason Ricci to the state!  Now if that ain't the blues, I don't know what is!

Speaking of cruises, The Legendary Blues Review (pictured right), was created by several artists that had such a great time on the Blues cruise, that they decided to extend their travels together on land.  Tommy Castro and his band, Deanna Bogart, Joe Louis Walker, and Debbie Davies are all part of this great show! In addition to this show, Virginiabluesman also caught a great local act, Spellbound.

Our friend, Gatorman, decided to travel to Memphis to see his friend, Nighthawk.  It seems they had a pretty awesome evening with Brandon Santini and Delta Highway. Delta Highway has undergone some changes, since our last article, that you may wish to catch up on here.  

I also had an interesting evening at the college, California University of Pennsylvania, of blues history entwined with some great blues music with, An Evening with Gaye Adegbalola (pictured left). 

Blake is that friend that you go to when you want to know the truth and not what you want to hear. And, once again, Blake does not leave his readers down. He always opines on various CD's and DVD's with the truth. This month Blake shared, Joe Bonamassa's Black Rock, Jeff Beck's Emotion and Commotion, and Who Do You Love. While Geraldo shared some local DC talent with, Bad Case of the Blues.  If you want to read some truthful reviews, Blake is an excellent source. 

We traveled around a good bit this month, offering you interviews across the United States and Canada.  We traveled to Canada to meet up with Marshall Lawrence, Doctor of the Blues. Once we were cured with our Blues fix, we stopped in Chicago to see the "Big Dog" Mercer. They say that you should stay on the porch if you can't keep up with the big dog!   So off we went again, running with the big blues dogs.  This time to New York and the Atlantic Coast to speak with one of the brain powers of Bluzapalooza, John Hahn (pictured right with Steve Cropper-interview coming in May!)  

We then went to the West Coast and California to speak with Alastair Greene. Alastair has recently toured with the Alan Parsons Live Project. In Texas, Abby spoke with a drummer who has worked with BB King, Calep Emphrey.   Let's see.  Where else did we go?  I stayed in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA as Mr. Johnny Winter (pictured left) came to the 'burgh, and I had the pleasure of speaking with him there.  Maureen visited with Mr. Lennie Jones, and they talked about all of his great artwork and the power of a hand. 

We had some interesting gear to share such as, the Custom Lowebow Cigar Box.  We then went all the way to Germany to share with you, Seydel Harmonicas.

And, as always, Nelson has shared the artistry in pictures of artists hitting the New York City scene, Eric Bibb, Robert Cray, and Kent Burnside.  Poor Nelson.  He never gets to go anywhere!

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