BLUE Christmas Gifts by Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms

Posted on 12/07/2009 by Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms

(Memphis, Tennessee) This week I offer you a few suggestions for Christmas gifts from some of the gadgets I have seen and the new local music I have heard in the recent past.

The picture above is "Graceland Christmas" by Thomas Kinkaid and you can buy it here:

Crane Solar 11 in One Battery Charger with Meter

From Cyberguys comes this interesting little solar powered battery charger to freshen up your NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries for free using the power of the sun. Not recommended for dungeons and unlit basements.
From their site:

Flip-out leg on bottom helps position the solar cells for maximum sun exposure

You already use rechargeable batteries to help reduce battery waste in landfills. Now go even greener by recharging your batteries with the sun. This solar battery charger accepts D, C, AA and AAA-size batteries in pairs. Its needle meter displays the strength of the sunlight hitting the solar cell and gives you an estimate of the charging time for different battery types, based on that measurement. Go green!

Recharging time depends on several variables: the strength of the sunlight hitting the solar panel, the level to which your batteries are discharged and the battery capacity. Charger also accepts "Gum" (Prismatic) batteries, these are uncommon. Batteries not included.
# Recharge your NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries for free!
# Weather resistant solar cell
# Circuit prevents the reverse flow of energy from the battery into the solar panel during night or when the cell is in darkness
# Accepts D, C, AA & AAA NiCd and NiMH batteries
# 4 1/4"L x 6 3/4"W x 2 3/8"H

Here's the link and you can buy the batteries there too:

Connectland 3-in-1 USB Kit (fan-light-extender)

Also from Cyberguys, here's a handy gadget that functions as a soft-bladed fan with an onboard LED light and the device also functions as a USB extender for your laptop. Great for those dark hot ProTools recording sessions. It is powered from your computer's USB port.

Here's the link:

All the Cyberguys stuff(except for some clearly marked clearance items and closeout stuff) comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

"If you haven't read this book, do it now." -- Rolling Stone

"Superb" -- New York Times

This excellent book by my friend, Robert Gordon, who by the way is up for a Grammy Award this year, is an essential to any real music lover's library. It is not only full of facts, but extremely entertaining and well-written, like all of Robert's books. I suggest buying it from the STAX Museum of American Soul Music located right here in the Home of the Blues. By doing so you will be helping them a wee bit as well and nothing beats a great gift but an accompanying noble gesture...and, it's only $22.95.

Here's the link to their store where you can buy lots of other cool stuff:,53.html

Like this:

Soulful holiday music from the Stax family! And it's for sale for only $12.98,29.html

  1. Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding *
  2. Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas? - The Staple Singers
  3. Winter Wonderland - Booker T. & The MG's *
  4. The Mistletoe And Me - Isaac Hayes
  5. Black Christmas - The Emotions
  6. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Albert King
  7. White Christmas - Rance Allen Group
  8. I'll Be Your Santa Baby - Rufus Thomas
  9. Please Come Home For Christmas - Little Johnny Taylor
  10. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? - The Emotions
  11. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Mack Rice
  12. Winter Snow - Isaac Hayes
  13. It's Christmas Time Again (The Christmas Song) - The Temprees
  14. Christmas Comes But Once A Year - Albert King
  15. That Makes Christmas Day - Rufus & Carla Thomas **
* Previously unreleased alternate take
** First time on CD

Another link:

That's the old STAX sign

The groovy STAX shirt, only $18.97

...and the cool STAX mousepad, only $5.99

In the interest of fairness and for Howlin' Wolf fans everywhere, here's some cool stuff from the famous SUN Studios at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee.

Oh hell, yeah, it's the Wolf! It's from the SUN studio Rock Shop, only $17.95 for a million bucks worth of coolness. Make mine double extra jumbo petite.

Also from SUN, it's a repro poster of the Wolf playing at Sunbeam Mitchell's Club Paradise, where I spent many glorious nights learning about the blues from some true music legends. The Paradise was the first club I ever saw that had an airport metal detector at the front door. Of course, me and my .45 always came through the musician's entrance in the back of the club.

Here's the link:

Robert Johnson boxed set, $14.99

If you don't have it yet, you need to get all of Robert Johnson's blues.

Here's the link:

Reba Russell CDs...what a great gift!

Get them here:

Here's another great new Memphis cd from Nancy Apple:

It's recorded at SUN Studio and features some of the city's finest talent. Get it and Delta Joe Sanders' newest release at Ringo records, click on the link:

I am very thankful for online shopping. My best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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