USA: How Blue Are We in September? by Monica Yasher

Posted on 9/26/2009 by Monica Yasher


September holds the first day of Autumn, and the blues have fallen on American Blues News for another month! We have enjoyed photographing, interviewing, reviewing and visiting all the great blues places, things and people! We know the blues are the best in the heat of the final days of summer, and we have been out and about just taking it all in. And, are you enjoying the new format we created for the site in September? We sure hope so! We are working hard at American Blues News to stay Number One as your blues source! In case you missed some of our articles, here you go. And, Wow! Nothing to be scared about in October. We will keep those blues news coming in our effort to stay number one! And, we know the importance of our fans. Thanks for reading and don't forget to bookmark us. We'd love for you to visit with us again and again!

Once again Nelson has done a great job of photos! He even fed our appetite over the Labor Day Holiday with a special edition of his visit at the Hudson River Park’s annual Blues BBQ Festival which included Diunna Greenleaf, Homemade Jamz Blues Band, Eden Brent and we had to continue with a part 2 of the festival with pictures of Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater and Michael Burks. Blues and BBQ. Doesn't get any better than that Nelson! Or does it? Nouveaux Honkies, Larry McCray and the very big name Guitar Shorty! Thanks Nelson for another great month of photos!

We had a lot of reviews. We reviewed performances. Some were good...and, some sadly weren't viewed so well. I'm not going to tell you which ones were good or bad. You'll have to go read for yourself! Here they are:

Review of Electric Chubbyland, Johnny Winter, and Derek Trucks. We listened to a lot of CD's, Tommy Castro's Hard Believer, CD Review for Blue Again by Mick Fleetwood, Muddy Waters Authorized Bootleg, and lastly, LV Banks Ruby CD. And, on a rainy day we still had to watch the blues! So we caught a DVD entitled, Full Moon Lightnin', and shared if it was a looker or not. And, we took a look at the the state of the blues in the 21st century. There seemed to be a lot to take a look at or listen to this month.

We packed our bags and went out to live the life of a bluesman. We crossed over water, and climbed mountains for you this past month to share with you festival life. Take a read and let us know if you are a person who likes mountains or water as your vacation destination! We flew to Denver, Colorado, home of the Mile High Blues Festival. We went to The Greater Ozark Blues Festival, We continued to climb to The Snowy Range Music Festival. It was tough to figure out if the Ozarks or the Colorado mountains were better! And, for those people who like to spend their time down by the waterside, we ventured to KenLake Kentucky. Go ahead, take a read and travel with us!

And, yes! We are your source for those interviews! We cover so many sub-genres of the blues. Why not read about these artists and let us know if we have expanded your taste of the blues? We talked to the icons of the blues such as Watermelon Slim. We had acoustic blues with Chris Smither. We had electric blues with Shannon Curfman. And, we spiced it up a bit with Candye Kane.

Then we had a jewel of an interview on the final tour of Saffire with Gaye Adegbola. And, of course the great harpsman, JT Ross. And, we don't want you to think that American Blues News doesn't welcome our blues world from down under. We had a great conversation with Fiona Boyes direct from Australia!

We did have the company of one guest writer this month, Bob Corritore. Thanks for stopping in a while, Bob!

Whew! So, what do we have to say for October? As I said, don't be scared! We have a lot to share with you. We have more guest writers coming up in October, which is a treat! We have my friend, Don Vecchio of the Western Pennsylvania Blues Society, sharing his interview with Robert Cray. I also met up with the World's Fastest Bass Player and he will be stopping by-all the way from India! I also have a few more surprises for you! Can't tell them all!

We can't wait to tell you about Ana Popovich's new CD, Blind for Love.

And, yes, there will be more interviews! We have the second of a three part interview, which is Andra from Saffire. We met up with Moreland and Arbuckle, who will be opening for Buddy Guy next month! And, at least three more tucked in our back pocket to share. We can't tell you everything! Some things just need to stay a mystery!

We will be traveling to the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival. If you see Nighthawk, ask him to snap a picture of you! You may get posted! We will also share our visit at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Club and the Sonny Boy Blues Society Fundraiser.

We will have pictures of Walter Trout and a few other surprises, I'm sure, from Nelson. Also, Maureen does some great shots in my interviews! We love pictures here at American Blues News! They're always a treat. Stop in often next month. I haven't told you all our tricks yet! And, if you see J, Blake, Gatorman or Jerry out and about, ask them if they will have more tricks or treats in their writing next month! Maybe only their mummy knows!

You may also enjoy reading the August Summary.

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