June 2010 How Blue Are We? by Monica Yasher

Posted on 6/30/2010 by Monica Yasher

There is a lot going on at American Blues News! We have many new writers here for your reading enjoyment! Casey Reagan, Raul Watson, and Chef Jimi have their first writings to share with you during the month of June. For the month of July, look for the following new members of our team: Mark Bastin, Silver Michaels, and Catherine! We are excited to have these three writers on our team! With fifteen writers, American Blues News pretty much has all of the United States covered!

June 21 marked the first day of summer, and with it came the heat of the blues!  We have already started our blues coverage, as we have attended and took part in many Blues Festivals. If you are planning your summer and want to know about some upcoming shows, check out festivals for June 23 thru July 19.  The Pittsburgh Blues Festival is all about feeding the hungry in the City of Pittsburgh, read about Ron "Moondog" Esser's passion of helping people in his town with the interview of: The Pittsburgh Blues Festival.

Nighthawk is our resident musician here, and he always shares where he has gone. Did anyone catch him at Thunder On the Water or follow him as he wasTouring Kansas and Missouri?  Check out the scenery!

Chef Jimi trekked to Chicago and got wet! See his bright shiny face with his rain slicker on at Amuse Bouche Chicago Style!

And, we tried to offer some notice on some blues festivals past on our festival coverage of  June 4 thru June 24.

American Blues News celebrates the history of the blues. And it seems the Rumboogie Cafe was, is and will be the place to go! Rumboogie Cafe Celebrates 25 years!  Their efforts in keeping blues music thriving is most appreciated! A toast.  Here's to another 25!

Nelson never disappoints us with his pictorial show reviews! Nelson has shared the following artists this month. Check them out! Watermelon Slim, Rick Estrin and The Nightcats, Slam Allen, James Armstrong and a special pictorial of James Cotton's 75th Birthday Bash! This was a sold out show and American Blues News was proud to cover this event for our blues fans!

There were lots of CD's to hear and shows to attend! Jim Stick has compiled a listing of some CD's that you may have missed in, 15 Under the Radar Blues CD's. This is a very popular read this month, so don't miss it! I personally was quite honored when the Smithsonian asked us to cover one of their events! I was proud to work with the Smithsonian in offering a review of Rappahannnock Blues CD. It is works of art such as this that helps preserve American music. Thank you to the Smithsonian. Also, try to purchase this CD and support their efforts!

One of our newest writers, Raul, has shared some going ons in his territory of the Midwest. The Midwest isn't all dry and windy! Check out The Medicine Men!

Blake shared some reissued CD's with us and offered his thoughts on Johnny Winter Live at The Filmore and Delaney & Bonnie's On Tour with Eric Clapton Reissue.

Oh, Chef Jimi! Music took Carolyn Wonderland from the big old state of Texas to Chef Jimi's backyard (so to speak!). So, with a little geography lesson, he shared this show. See if you are smarter than a third grader and answer the question! Even if you get it wrong, please keep reading!

Another new addition to the group is Casey Reagan. Casey met up with Eric Sardinas and Big Motor. Catch up with the Big Motor, if you can!

Blake shared some views on gear that went from his hands to his heart in I'm In Love With My Guitar. Do you feel the same way about your music?

We are never short on interviews here! We met up with Australia's Harper. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Felix Cavaliere. And, as Felix would say, it's always a beautiful morning when you can sit down with a cup of coffee and read the interview of Todd Rundgren. We also went all the way to London to bring you The Congo Faith Healers!

Casey offered our first filmed interview with The 44's! Look for more of this coverage in the future! At American Blues News we always try to make our pages new and innovative! We hope you enjoy this new format!

As always, we enjoy touching base with our friend, Bob Corritore! Please check out the latest news with our Bob Corritore Newsletter.

Controversy, Controversy! The State of the Blues! Several of the writers here chimed in. We had Nighthawk, a traveling musician offering his opinion of what he sees on the stage in Blues is not Dying but Alive and Well. From Nighthawk's perspective, he sees a lot of fans looking back at him! See the picture for yourself!  He feels that the blues is alive and well! He has seen it! It is people such as Nighthawk that keeps the blues alive with his enthusiasm!

We have been here before with differences of opinions at American Blues News. Blake has offered Another Opinion. Blake is our review guru and received tons of CD's. He is challenging the artists of today to push the envelope! Make the genre super exciting to new generations of fans. And, it is people such as Blake's scientific persona that questions rather than accepts. He asks things such as: How do we make it better, Why are there sub genres, Who will carry the torch after Clapton? It is always the ones that ask the questions that allow things to survive if people are willing to figure things out and offer the answers. One thing is always constant and that is change!  Thank you Blake!

And, we have Bluesman writing about his local scene and what he sees in DC Local Scene. He also sees a great blues scene in the DC area!

Thank you for reading American Blues News and we look forward to a sizzling July!

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