American Blues News Changes
by Monica Yasher

Posted on 3/31/2010 by Monica Yasher

American Blues News has so much to share with you! Today we will talk about what we are doing for the second quarter of 2010. Tomorrow, we will offer the month end summary for all of you that need to get caught up on our monthly page!

We have been going through an exciting time at American Blues News! We launched our Facebook page on March 1, and we feel so blessed to have the fans that we do. Thank you for joining as a silent participant or an active poster! We love to have you around! I wonder if we can get 1,000 fans in one month? If you could help us out, we would surely appreciate it!

American Blues News has some changes to announce for the second quarter of 2010. We have read some of the suggestions that you have shared, and we are going to give some of them a try! We have changes in our weekly and weekend lineups.

On the daily front, we sadly say goodbye to Gatorman. Gatorman has some exciting things that he is pursuing, and feels he must focus on his new endeavors. When you see him out and about, please wish him the best! This leads me to the daily changes that will take place next week!

Mondays are still reserved for Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms, who is in Memphis, TN and Everywhere Else. Nighthawk is our resident globetrotter and man behind the scenes, as he tours with the Reba Russell Band. He will continue his coverage of his travels. Don’t you just love those behind the scene, in front of the scene, and doing the scene pictures?

Tuesdays still have J. Blake, New York, NY at the helm. Blake is the American Blues News review guru and interviewer for artists that appear in New York. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with Blake’s reviews, you have to know that he is writing from his heart and stays true to his passions. I always like a man who tells it like it is!

Wednesday - Here I am! You can find me anywhere there’s a blues artist! I don’t want to say that I interview anyone. They aren’t chats, because there’s too much there. I think that I have relevant conversations with the artists that I meet with. When I meet with the artist I think of myself as being mentored. I ask what do I want to learn from this person that can help me in songwriting, performing, or the business of music? I will continue to bring these discussions every Wednesday.

Thursday has a new resident, but a friendly face, with Virginiabluesman. Geraldo’s focus is on the Washington, DC area of blues alley and all points nearby. You may have seen him at an Ana Popovic concert or conversed with him on her websites as he offers administrative support with her music. Please note that this is change in day for Geraldo. He used to be found on Fridays!

Friday has a favorite packing his photographer‘s bag and moving his day. Nelson Onofre New York, NY still offers a column of blues photography that is focused on the New York scene. This is a great day to sit back and just look at some pictures as your workday winds down. They say a picture tells a thousand stories! Enjoy!

Now for weekends. Our weekends are going to offer more variety than they have ever offered before! We know that the majority of our readership are you gentlemen out there, so we are working toward obtaining some gear reviews for all of you. Just because we know that is a guy kind of thing!

For ladies, we know that you love artwork and decorating. We have Maureen Elizabeth sharing the art of the blues music. She has some great interviews of the artists that create the festival logo’s, CD covers, and blues art.

There are also many of you that begged the question, “I’m going on vacation and still need my dose of blues! Where do I go?” We have added a feature of blues spots to go to in some really awesome vacation destinations! Here is our weekend lineups.

First weekend of the month:
Saturday: There is so much going on in the state of Colorado, when it comes to blues, that Jim Stick will now be writing a monthly article. We look forward to what Jim has to share from his beautiful state!

Sunday: OK. Here is the vacation article. We’ll be your roadmap on where to go on vacation to hear your dose of blues! This was a Facebook fan suggestion! We hope you like it!

Second weekend of the month:

This weekend will be a mixed bag for Saturday and Sunday. You will just have to hit the page and see what we have brought you for the day. We can’t tell you everything, now can we? It can be our continuing coverage with our guest, Bob Corritore, who provides the best coverage in the blues world with his ongoing newsletter. He received a Keeping the Blues Alive Award for just this.

This is the weekend we will also concentrate on key blues performers for the West Coast and Chicago areas. We will also offer Blues Artists that are arriving on the blues scene that we are sure you will hear a lot more about! But, we want you to hear about them here first! We have some great submissions from our Sonicbids network that we plan on sharing with you. Many talented people there for sure! We want you to know about these artists that should be known!

Third weekend of the month:
Saturday is shared by Maureen Elizabeth and CR Bennett, which will be Pittsburgh based news-but not always!

Maureen Elizabeth has been on the Pittsburgh blues scene for a while now, and has many Pittsburgh icons as friends. She will be focusing on interviewing some of her good friends. In addition, she will be interviewing artists-musical and visual- and their contributions to the blues world with things such as festival logos, CD covers or blues artists painting a picture they are proud of!

C.R. Bennett could always be found snapping a picture of a blues artist in the ‘burgh. CR will share interviews and pictures of the Pittsburgh scene.

Sunday-Ladies and Gentlemen here is where we talk about gear and music arsenal! Harmonicas, guitars, basses, songwriting, teaching aids, and blues camps! Whew! I hope I didn’t miss anything. But, if I did, we can still write about it if you want to read it!

Fourth weekend of the month:
Saturday: On this day the Texas scene will be focused. Texas is one big state and Abby will join other writers to cover this big ‘ol state!

Sunday: The executive director’s column, How Blue Are We?, will move to the last Sunday of the month. Do you know what that means? I will now be doing an interview EVERY Wednesday with pictures. Here I am with Moreland & Arbuckle.

Now, that’s a GOOD thing!

We have read your suggestions and have brought forth two of them. Please continue to offer suggestions and let us know how we are doing. We aren’t writing for us. We are writing for you, and we thank you for that opportunity.

Until tomorrow, take care.


American Blues News Staff

What makes American Blues News unique is our coverage across America. Here is our lineup:

Mon: Memphis Correspondent - Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms
Nighthawk is our resident globetrotter and man behind the scenes, as he tours with the Reba Russell Band.

Tues: New York Correspondent - J. Blake
Blake is the American Blues News review and interview guru. You may catch him out and about in NY playing the blues.

Wed: National Correspondent - Monica Yasher
Monica is our executive director and artist interview specialist. You can catch Monica singing the blues around Pittsburgh or working on some country music songs in Nashville.

Thurs: Washington, DC Correspondent - Virginiabluesman
Geraldo offers inteviews and reviews. You may have seen him at an Ana Popovic concert or conversed with him on her websites, as he offers administrative support with her music.

Fri: Northeast Photographer - Nelson Onofre
Nelson offers a Friday column of blues photography and pictorial support for the interviews covered by the team.

Jim Stick in Colorado
Jim will be focusing on the Blues Festivals in the beautiful state of Colorado, and the artists that live and visit there.

Maureen Elizabeth, our resident art correspondent, will be focusing on blues art as she explores the creation of CD covers, or speaking with artists who also have a love of creating pictorial art in addition to their music! She may also feature some of her good friends in the Pittsburgh area. In her love of art, you may find Maureen's photography accompanying writer's articles on our pages. Maureen is also our marketing director.

Pittsburgh correspondent and photographer, CR Bennett, will share the Pittsburgh scene with all of you. You may also see CR's pictures accompanying other writer's articles.

We head to the big state of Texas! Abby Owen, our Texas correspondent.

Another big area to cover, the West Coast with Casey Reagan, Casey will feature many artists and events on this ocean's shores.

Lastly, we have our roving blues entertainment writer,
Chef Jimi.

And of course, we will surprise you sometimes!

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